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It truly takes a village.  Thank you to the wonderful sponsors that stand behind Patti.  

Kam Animal Services

If you are looking for quality whole food nutrition for your horse or dog KAM Animal Services is highly respected as the best in the industry.  Whether you are looking for overall health and wellness for your loved one or maintenance of joint inflammation, laminitis, or ulcers KAM offers all natural organic solutions. 

Patti has chosen to work with KAM for over 15 years.  All of the horses thrive on a whole foods diet with no processed grains. They are all happy and healthy with a diet specially formulated to meet their individual needs. Click below to visi KAM's website for more information. 

John Borys Photography

John has proven himself to be a an innovative and gifted photographer when it comes to capturing horses.  Whether in motion, standing in their natural setting, or posing with their beloved owner for a portrait he has a truly artistic gift.  If you are looking for photos to capture the majesty of the horse contact John Borys.  He is also highly recommended for stallion photo sessions.

Crown Jewels Design

When it comes to one of a kind brow bands of the highest quality, Patti only chooses those made by Crown Jewels Design. Owner Janet Quinn always stuns with hand picked stones from around the world. In addition to brow bands she also carries some of the latest equestrian fashions in stock. Check out her website.

MDC Stirrups

When is comes to the priorities of your tack riders often overlook the important role stirrups play in their riding position. There is a reason that top professionals use MDC Stirrups.  This is Patti's choice, and she loves the custom fit options. In fact thanks to the help of MDC Stirrup's fitting consultants she is always amazed at how much more solid and effective she feels in the saddle. Click on the link below for more info.

Niagara Equissage Pulse

If you are in the sport horse industry get a Niagara Equissage. For 20 minutes before every ride Freedom and Derek enjoy the benefits of the Equissage. Patti won't leave home without one as the horses feel looser through their backs and have freer movement. It is very easy to use and the customer service is wonderful. It is a great tool to support the athletic condition of your horses. There is a reason why it is even recommended by veterinarians for horses being rehabbed. Click below to learn more about their products and uses.


There is no other helmet Patti will use. When it comes to fit, style, and function Samshield is the finest in the industry. She actually owns 6!  They offer a variety of colors, fabrics, and swarovski crystal designs. In addition to helmets they also offer a fine selection of clothing and riding gloves. Visit their website to see the entire collection.

soless logo.png

Soless Visors

 Protect your face from the wear and tear of the sun while riding outside, all while keeping your peripheral vision.  This high quality visor will stay put on your helmet even during your extended canters down the long side. There are any fashionable colors to choose from, and you can wear it on and off your helmet. Patti never goes outside without one. Follow the link below to learn more.

English Tack Supply

A wonderful assortment of tack, clothing, and equipment.  Wonderful assortment of products for you and your horse at great pricing. Patti gets all of her Effax products here for tack cleaning, and loves the many styles of breeches they offer. Check out their online store at the link below. 



Patti believes Shefit sports bras to be the best gift to Dressage woman all over the world. Hands down the best support she has had in the saddle, allowing her to focus on her training at hand.  Highly recommended to well endowed woman everywhere. Check out the website at the link below.

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