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Patti's Accomplishments

Below are some highlights showing Patti's most prestigious accomplishments.  Each year her goals become higher and this can be seen through her successes. Her ultimate competition goal is to represent the United States Dressage Team. This dream has become more real since being named to US Equestrian's Development Program as an potential Olympic contender in 2018 and 2019. In this time she is continuing to develop her talented string of horses towards the big rings at CDI competitions. 


Additionally, Patti is the recipient of five FEI Journey Awards; symbolizing that one rider has competed successfully at all the FEI levels with one particular horse. This was done with Romulus, Weltano, Sandor, Leoluigi, and Freedom. She brought several of these horses along from Training Level. This speeks volumes of her abilities as a world class rider, trainer, and horse person. 

Career Highlights


  • Several Horse of the Year Placings

  • USDF National Championships

    • 2013 Freedom second level 8th place

    • 2013 Freedom third level 5th 

    • 2014 Edward Training Level Champion

    • 2014 Edward First Level Reserve Champion

  • All Breeds Awards


  • Qualified and competed at Developing Horse Championships

    • 2007 Sandor finished 5th overall

    • 2014 Freedom finished 10th

    • 2015 Freedom finished 9th

    • 2017 Freedom- Reserve Champion Developing Grand Prix


  • Qualified and competed at Markel National Five-Year Old Championship

    • 2008 Wish finished 5th overall

    • 2012 Freedom finished 3rd overall 

    • 2014 Edward  Reserve Champion

  • Qualified and competed at Markel National Six year old Championship

  • 2015 Edward finished 3rd


  • Championships and Reserve Championships: USDF Regional Championship competitions Region 2  (within last 5 years​)

    • 2012 Leoluigi Intermediare I Freestyle Champion

    • 2012 Freedom First Level Champion

    • 2012 Training Level Champion

    • 2013 2nd Level Champion

    • 2013 3rd Level Champion

    • 2015 Prix St. Georges Champion

    • 2016 Reserve Champion Intermediar I- Anne Ramsay's Freedom

    • 2017 Prix St. Georges Champion- Lauren Walfish's Derek

  • Numerous IDCTA awards

  • 2017 Intermediar I regional Champion- Jessica Nilles (Adult Amateur division)

  • 2017 Allison Gerlt competed in her first Grand Prix season with scores up to 68% 

  • 2017 2nd level regional Reserve Champion - Alexander Dawsome (Junior division)

  • 5 USDF Gold Medals

  • 9 USDF Silver Medals

  • 9 USDF Bronze Medals

  • 2014-2018 Champion of Seat Medal Finals in 2015

  • 13 & Under Champoin of Seat Medal Finals in 2013

  • Several Champion & Reserve Champion Regional titles at all levels including FEI

  • Successfully coached several Juniors and North American Young Riders to the finals




Student Accomplishments 

620 Alexander Dawson-24
620 Alexander Dawson-20
267 Patti Becker  Freedom-8
608 Allison Gerlt  Dahlia-32
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